Key Benefits

How can we help your Business

  • You can save cost of benefits, FUTA/SUTA, Medicare & Social Security taxes. Hiring, training costs.
  • We provide dedicated & professional team to manage your operations so that you can strengthen on your core business.
  • All-in-one solution that addresses the entire automation lifecycle from consulting to development and support as well as managed services.
  • To provide up to date records on timely & accurately manner.
  • Systematic training plan to transition from current vendor to our accounting platform.

Our approach towards outsourcing

  • Document Key Process.
  • Identify risk areas.
  • Determine work flow Dynamics.
  • Run trial & parallel.
  • Adjust process to improve service.

Our objectives towards outsourcing

  • Reduces manpower and infrastrucutre cost.
  • Get Expertise Hardcore Professional Skills at low cost.
  • Get timely Preparation of Financial records.
  • Better Management Control.
  • Centralized Concentration of Complete Data.
  • Squeezing of Unwanted Managerial Hierarchy.
  • Improve Payment/receivable Cycle.
  • Building Vendor's confidence.
  • Reduction in additional Liabilities.

Quality control

  • We develop standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) and Checklist
  • We ensure client orientation with SOPs and checklist for team deployed on assignment
  • Review by the SMEs and checklist defined
  • 100% review of processed data by Reviewer.


  • IBM servers.
  • Anti-virus protection.
  • 4 mbps online connectivity 24X7.
  • Uninterupted power supply 24X7.
  • SSL protected FTP for secured transfer.
  • Firewall and protected LAN system.

Data security

  • License use of symantec anti virus
  • Disk less systems with no external devices.
  • Seprate server room with restricted access.
  • Online data storage.
  • Email scanning incoming and outgoing.
  • Daily auto backup policy on seprate disks as per client consent.


  • Address:
    One Boston Office,
    Suite 2600, MA 02108,
    United States
  • Email:


ACCTPAY CONSULTANCY SERVICES LLP has been providing to small and midsize clients with high quality and low cost outsourcing services . Our expertise ranges from basic Payroll and bookkeeping accounting services to more in-depth services.